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The picture above is the very tap root of Bishop's Homegrown/Face Of The Earth Seed. My grandparents shortly after moving to Pekin Indiana from Greensburg KY in 1947 where they purchased the farm that is now Bishop's Homegrown. This picture was taken in Pekin in front of the old co-op next to the old railroad depot, neither of which exist today.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Information on our local CSA program

Bishop’s Homegrown

5604 S. State Rd. 60

Pekin, IN 47165


A new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunity for those concerned about the health and quality of in season local produce!

Bishop’s Homegrown is proud to announce a new opportunity for those folks interested in healthy, naturally grown and ecologically sound produce that is local and in season. In 2008 we will be taking subscriptions to our new CSA program which can provide a family of three with a great selection of in season, fresh from the farm, and naturally grown produce of the highest quality!

First a quick explanation of what a CSA is:

A relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farmer an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm. In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the local growing season.

Our CSA design:

Bishop’s Homegrown, located in Washington County Indiana, will offer our CSA program from May 1 2008 - October 2008 (22 weeks, dependent of first frost date). Each week our CSA customers will receive the equivalent of a half bushel of mixed produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, greens, ext. for a fraction of the price that would normally be payed for produce. Each item that is the subscriber’s box will be produced as naturally as possible and will be in season for that time of year, with enough of each item to feed at least a family of three. CSA members will find they can conveniently pick up their boxes each week at either our farm here in Pekin Indiana or at The Washington County Farmers Market at the fairgrounds in Salem Indiana. Members are also welcome at any time to make suggestions on varieties of produce that they would like to see grown and are welcome to visit our farm at any time during the growing season and we love to have visitors, members interested in our farm practices are also welcome to come by and share in the work we do here on the farm at any time during the season. This gives you the opportunity to really see and experience how the food that you buy is grown, the land is cared for, and in turn how much fresher and eco-logically sound the food your are buying is, this is also an excellent opportunity to support a growing family farm which strives to provide the best possible, healthy, chemical free (we don‘t use any sprays or chemicals at all) naturally grown produce to our local community.

As a member you will be notified by e-mail of what is available for your CSA box from week to week and will also have access to exclusive varieties not available at our farm stands!

As with any farm we are sometimes subject to certain crop failures so there are times when we may be short on a particular crop, just the same as if you were to grow a garden during a drought or flood period, so some items may not always be available as is the way of nature. However your contribution to our CSA helps take some of the financial burden and worry of our shoulders and allows us to focus on quality, sustainable produce production in a time when the norm at the local stores is high priced, low quality mass produced and nutritionally deficient produce.

Supposing an average family of three spends $20.00 a week on produce at a farmers market or local grocery your bill for 22 weeks would be $440.00, so you can see below how we have cut the costs to you for higher quality, locally grown, and chemically free produce.

As such our pricing is designed as follows:

A share is about a half bushel a week for 22 weeks. (May - Oct.) Of various mixed produce and herbs in season, naturally grown (chemical free) and locally raised. Cut flowers are also available throughout the summer for inclusion in your box upon request.

One Share- 250.00 or about 11.50 a week

Half shares are also available as half of a full share a week or a whole share every two weeks for 125.00

If you are interested in our new CSA program please feel free to contact us:

Via Phone:


Or E-mail:

If you would like to know more about our farm, feel free to check us out at the following locations:

Our gardening/market farming message board:

Or our farm blog where you can keep up to date on what‘s growing on at the farm and find our latest links to photos, news, and our latest research papers:

Bishops Homegrown produces a wide variety of produce in all colors shapes and sizes as well as flowers and herbs, if you are interested in something in particular or would like to make a suggestion regarding a variety or type you would like us to grow then please feel free to send you suggestions to us and we would love to accomidate. We currently maintain a living seed bank on the farm that houses close to 4, 500 accessions of rare heirloom, open pollinated, or de-hybridized fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more and are always looking to add to our gene pool for our customers satisfaction. Feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions or comments that you may have.

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