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Friday, August 7, 2009

Is this racist?

Do I think this is racist? No. Do I think this is offensive? No.

Of course when the house of cards starts to fall those who live within the house walls will throw up whatever they can to keep it from falling.

What do I think of the image? I think they got it all wrong. You want to paint Obama as he really is, use the Batman. After all, here is the Batman in the movie the Dark Knight percieving himself as upholding the law all the while breaking the very rules and laws he has sworn himself to protect, engaging in conspiracy, and pretending to be a hero. That my friends is what Obama does.

Now, while the Joker is portrayed as a psychopathic killer in the movie and the comic, the truth is that many of the ideas presented in the character of the joker are more akin to the way that patriots are feeling these days........after all it is their engineered economy that is collapsing and it is our system of cheap and free bartering and self sufficiency that so throws a monkey wrench in their plants....."It's not about the money, it's about sending a message." A profound and true statement if ever one did exist, an utterance that gives birth to new ideas, a seed that has been planted.

Let me ask you something. How far away do you think this world is away from someone painting up their face and pulling the same stunts as the Joker? Only this time those whom we know as bankers, those who are corrupt politicians, and those behind the scenes animating the corspe of what was known as the U.S. will represent the mobsters from the movie.

All of this race card bullshit. All of this "left"/"right" bullshit is a fucking joke.

Not only does the fed deserve to be audited, it needs to be shut down.

Not only does our government no longer work but it is our responsibility to fix it, weather peacefully or by revolution. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, the straw that will break the camels back could be stacked onto the heap at anytime now.

This country is undergoing an awakening and real Change is coming.

Not the "Change" handed to Obama by his banking buddies and shaddow government.

Not the Euginicist dream that the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds dream of.

The American Dream. The change will be one away from tyranny to one of free exchange of ideas.

Like it or not, get on your horse and ride into the battle when it comes motherfuckers, there will be no where you can run, no where you can hide.


New Kind of seed company said...

And thanks for the humor.. i love jokers..

Curt Maynard said...

What's your view on racism, then?

Do you condemn it or support it?

Larry said...

That last-blog-left guy is a complete fucking moron. He's a troll that I have schooled over and over again. He's really not worth my time, but its fun schooling him. He copies and pastes everything on his blog. He writes NOTHING himself. He will even post from other sources and not give them the credit for it and he passes it off as his own.

If you have time, check out my blog. I also write for Prison Planet

linda said...

My humble opinion here:
Not racist but also misleading. If he is a socialist and if the accusation that he is were proven without a doubt and if our nations truly biggest worry was that he is just that, then the concept might contain something to sink my teeth into. (Love your assessment btw).

As it is though, I honestly think this Socialist crap is just a distraction.I have to ask, "Do the people on the street who sling this word around actually know what it means or is it nothing more than a catch phrase? Red Scare Lite maybe?"
It seems to me that the word the anti Obama of our nation are defining but fear using (or simply don't understand fully enough to use) is Fascism with a capital F and I don't mean the statement to be exclusive to Obama so much as the process by which our government has run rampant and led us up shit creek and will turn around and do it again no matter who our figurehead happens to be at the time, until we are all brave enough to break the cycle and shout the F word from the rooftops (and not in pro Fascist political rally's please).

Like you have said over and over again Alan, "Wake Up Mothefuckers!" and get enough independent political education to be able to call a spade a spade while you are at it.
Without that education (and it must be independent not institutional) we don't have half a chance in hell as a nation whether we head towards "Socialism" (if they insist on using that word) in part or in whole or we get a new opposition leader in four years who saves the day-or not, it will eventually be the same old story until we put we the "educated" "united" people, back into the process as active participants, not spectators. Again, humble opinion here but I do stand firm.

Bishops Homegrown said...

I agree Linda, particularly about the Fascism part and the government in general. Ironically now Alex Jones has put out a new version of the poster that does say Fascism.

Thanks for commenting.

linda said...

Hi Alan
Sorry to have been so long winded in my last post. Good to hear the word being used (by Alex Jones) but it is still only tied in with Obama, no? I have to wonder why because Obama is not the beginning and I really don't think he will be the end either....age old story in a sense. It just seems too easy to pick one man out of a long line of them. I am not defending the man....just asking questions because I feel strongly that even good movements must be questioned at all steps and constantly.
My intention isn't to challenge you personally, just hoping for some dialog from real people who think along the similar lines as myself.

Dale Asberry said...

Although I generally agree with your comments I would say that it is both racist and offensive.

I say it's racist because generally the people who are passing this "humor" around are at least closet racists. In addition, the raging racists don't have a way to reach a wider audience using directly racist statements so instead they use indirect messages such as this.

I find this offensive not so much because of the racism, but because of the nastiness that it encourages from the MBKDTBBTHers (mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging, tea bagging, birther, town-hallers) as well as the due to the blatant lies it communicates as you've indicated.