Alfred Reed Bishop and Doris William Butler

The picture above is the very tap root of Bishop's Homegrown/Face Of The Earth Seed. My grandparents shortly after moving to Pekin Indiana from Greensburg KY in 1947 where they purchased the farm that is now Bishop's Homegrown. This picture was taken in Pekin in front of the old co-op next to the old railroad depot, neither of which exist today.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

H.R. 5741: Mandatory Service Bill!

The bill which seeks to make you a slave to a country who long ago forgot about liberty!

Well "Congressman" Charles Rangle, allow me to take a moment to express how myself and I'm sure many others feel about your proposed "bill".

Suck my dick! It's lewd and classless I know, but deal with it.

I don't "serve" anyone. I may choose at anytime to "volunteer" for a just cause or to help someone or anyone of my own choosing, I however am a freedman with freewill, something not you or anyone else can or will take away from me, ever.

This country sits at the precipice of national uprising and yet in this time of economic hardship, national and environmental crisis, with two "wars" ongoing, and a slew of corruption from this administration and the previous, you choose to continue to push the buttons of the free thinkers in our republic, those very free thinkers who in the spirit of the founding fathers and men who would come into the story later such as Andrew Jackson, and who have discovered the true meaning of freedom, and liberty, and shout and scream every time you trample upon the tail of the stunned but not yet dead rattlesnake that is the populace, well, do you really think those men and women will deal very well with your ideal of forced servitude?

I serve my country, in a private way, I create ideas and culture new opportunities in agriculture, and at every corner I have to cut through the very red tape that you and your ilk have created and which detours from my stated profession and yet for you that is not enough. For "men" of your caliber it never is is it? You will never be satisfied until the last of the "chattel" are in you coral will you. Well allow me to say you will not brand me even if your bill does pass, I will opt out of the system completely as the system does not serve me or anyone that I know and has not in my lifetime served anyone other than those with ties to the military industrial complex or fortune 500 companies. I do my part, more than my part, and I have and continue to volunteer for a number of community improvement projects, I don't now wish to or in the near future hope to volunteer to help your corporate vision of AMERIKA achieve any goal that you would set for me and with whip and prod in hand force upon me.

Every year things in this country get worse, every year idiots like you ask for more, every year I watch friends and families destroyed and torn apart by your bad decisions and yet no sacrifice is ever enough for you. Well, guess what, you may think you have things under control, you may think you can force a bill which would turn us into the police state that is Israel, but you are wrong, I laugh every time I see anyone stand up to punks like you and state what the U.S. truly stands for, I laugh every day when I see how your systems of control are faltering and falling apart, and I will rejoice when your hard lessons are learned.

I am of a "lost" generation, two young to know any better and presumably to old now to change, or at least that is your perception of us, little do you know many of us are awake and we see into our future, a future that has set our generation up for failure, paying into social security which we will never enjoy and into federal taxes that do nothing but prop up a fiat currency system. Watching as you employ scare tactics and play the race card to get what you and your masters want and as you send people of my generation into unwiniable wars which are more about the control of drug resources and oil sources than the actual liberation and protection of another people.
Allowing foreign owned companies to destroy ecological diversity and foreign drug gangs to invade border states while punishing those who defend their territory because you won't do your goddamn job!

And yet you give us no option to "opt out" of the system that doesn't give a shit for any of us. Well fuck you. People are opting out and it's coming to a head, there is no way you fuckers can police everything you don't like, no way you can control or bring order to the chaos you have caused this time. We don't belong to you and for you to even attempt the assumption that you can force us to give you "servitude" in the projects of your choosing is not only arrogant but it might just be the spark that lights the fuse should your bill pass. Personally I can only hope it does as a quick glimpse at the distopian 1984 world you propagate will light the fire under the assess of future patriots.

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linda said...

I visited Rengals website after reading the bill a while ago. I'm not sure if his "argument" is still there but he says very clearly that he feels that we should all "share" the "pain" of war. He claims that Americans are too detached from the wars (out of site out of mind) and so this bill will make us all "aware". The implications here of forcing us to feel anything at all is scary in itself isn't it? And how many of us are really trully detached? I care about the soldiers and I care about the civilians that continue to suffer two unnecessary conflicts that I never agreed with in the first place. And they want me to send my children now?!!! So I can feel "pain"? If I had a dick, I'd tell him to suck it too.