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The picture above is the very tap root of Bishop's Homegrown/Face Of The Earth Seed. My grandparents shortly after moving to Pekin Indiana from Greensburg KY in 1947 where they purchased the farm that is now Bishop's Homegrown. This picture was taken in Pekin in front of the old co-op next to the old railroad depot, neither of which exist today.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

So this is what it has come to.

So this is what it has come to?
A commentary about the recent food raid in Ohio.
Written By: Alan Reed Bishop of Hip-Gnosis Seed Development/Bishop's Homegrown

By now you have clearly probably already learned of the recent SWAT team invasion of a food coop in Ohio. If not then you really need to check out This Link . Now let me take a moment to express my feelings on this issue.

The times we live in are scary, really scary. Often times I am labeled a conspiracy theorist for not accepting the prevalent popular disinformation that mass media and governments spoon feed to us on a daily basis, as such I am sometimes considered a heretic, someone who does not accept the truth as it is ever apparent to those in society with a better grasp (in their mind) of what reality really is.

You know what; it's probably the truth that I am viewed in that light and I am fine with that, more importantly I am proud of that.

If you can really read mainstream news articles every day, watch the big three news reports, and believe a single word of what any war mongering American or European politician feeds to you, I truly feel sorry for you. If you believe for one second that the new sitting president is any different from the previous cluster fuck, I feel sorry for you. It is true to some extent that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing man he did not exist.

We live in a world undergoing rapid change. There is a force in this world that 95% of Americans and Europeans do not believe exists and that force is slowly eroding our human experience, we are in effect surfs and cattle, and I for one will not stand for it any longer.

Every day more and more people wake up to "The Real" that surrounds them and they shake off the diluted "American Dream" that we are drugged up to believe is real, everyday the elite moves closer to end game, and every day I come one step closer to ultimate truth, I'll let you decide what that truth is, this is our journey and each individual must choose his willingness to participate in these matters.

All one really needs to know is as follows:
There is very real evil in this world. Every coincidental moment you see or hear in the media is related. There are people in this world that own you and your family and are now trying to redeem the value. And most importantly, now is the time to stop this bullshit and take back what is ours. Revolution or enslavement? You make the choice. Stop the GMO's, Stop False Flag events, Stop the rape and pillage of our economies and governments, and stop the oncoming onslaught of fascism and totalitarianism. It is only you who can decide how to contribute to this growing contingency of society, a society that operates much like the one that Thomas Jefferson once dreamed of instead of the society of consumerism and complacency that prevails in America and Europe and all around the world today. Stop forcing your religion, stop forcing your bias, stop forcing your will, stop your racism, stop your bigotry, and look around at your world and tell me, come look me in the eyes, and tell me that there isn't something way bigger than you and I and our differences inhibiting our ability to live healthy and productive and meaningful lives. Bill Hicks once said "Life is a dream and we are an illusion of ourselves." To me, no words have ever rang truer.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking; "This makes a lot of sense, now I understand what he is all about, he is a crack pot conspiracy theorist." and that is fine by me. Like it our loathe it I don't really care. I am a strange breed of human that doesn't see the lines that divide countries, the colors that divide humans, the religions that divide people, the national pride the prevents each and every man, woman, and child from enjoying the whole of the human experience. I am a humanist, I am a spiritual being. I care. I have made a decision long ago to stand my ground against incidents like what we see above. I have made a decision to fight the war for the complete freedom of mankind from those very same kings and overlords who professed ownership over mankind throughout all of human history. I AM.

Now, food security can be an issue, but in a society where GMO corn openly is allowed to cross pollinate with my seed, in a world where a corporation can profess ownership over living beings (are you aware that people have already placed intellectual copyrights on human genes) and where presidents of industrial weapons companies can set in political office dictating policy while murdering liars can be presidential advisers, in a world where people live in fear of terrorist events set into place by governments decades ago and covered by plausible deniability,in a world where processed food and unnatural carcinogenic preservatives are feed to us daily, in a world where tap water is quickly becoming more dangerous than smoking, in a world where a sitting government can ignore the suffering of an entire city for days on end during a natural disaster, I don't believe for a second that the government has the right to interfere with a private farmer and his organization in a manner that is the equivalent of shutting down a Meth lab, and I will be damned if this country is going to let food go the way of the war on drugs( drugs are good for you as long as we can tax and control them) We will not have a food system based on this preposterous idea, we won't have a government based on tyranny, and we will stand up and fight for what is right in our world.

The truth is that I stand up for what I believe in. I speak my mind. I think for myself and question authority and no one will take that from me. If you don't stand up for these people, for the treatment they were given, you could be next and who will stand for you. The war is coming to your home, it is time to prepare. The economic collapse is the catalyst for what is coming, hold on to something, the shit is coming down and if you think your pocket book hurts now, wait and see how your ass feels in a year.

This will not end until we end it.

Your Friend in The Food Revolution and Human Evolution,
Alan Reed Bishop
Welcome to new AMERIKA!


Patrick said...

The day's going to come when raw milk is as illegal as heroin. It's really a sad time for America and a sad time for the world.

Anonymous said...

This story has taken off in the blogosphere, but is it true? No mainstream media has picked it up which makes me suspicious....
Is it only right wing Christian fear mongering?

Bishops Homegrown said...

I'm fairly positive that this story has been confirmed and is not at all out of line with what has been going on in the U.S. over the past couple of years including the implementation of active army brigades on U.S. soil for the fist time since the Civil war who are supposed to be here to quail civil unrest for whatever reason and also have access to both lethal and non leathal weapons according to NORTHCOM. I don't believe it is right win Christian fear mongering and for me right wing and Christian have nothing to do with it as I am neither of the above.

One thing I will say, just because the mainstream media doesn't cover it doesn't mean it isn't happening, you only hear what they want you to hear.

anne said...

I'm beginning to think the use of force in this story was exaggerated...Hopefully the Stowers will make a statement soon. If that was the case, its unfortunate, because it takes the focus away from the really important issue of the right to choose to eat local, raw food.

Arcas said...

Yes, there is enough smoke than one has to be in absolute denial to think there is no fire ...

Alan, your cry for life and freedom is truly encouraging (rare these days) and I am very grateful to be informed.

On the other hand, I do believe in the Living One and humbly submit a confession and a point for your consideration.

It was never religion or skin color or whatever else.
The truth is that we do not love each other...
And I mean us, the ones who are not numbed and brain dead yet. Us who can understand!!

No one is more pro life and pro freedom then the One who said "go and rule the Earth" (mediocre quote).

It was never religion that kept us apart: it is always us finding reasons to believe I is better then them.
What the "elite" is doing is just taking this line of "reasoning" to the extreme: "we are going to eliminate the weaklings, the failures, the lowly..."

Religion in (most of) its forms has been about being together, forgiving and living.

About the Life you are so well claiming back when taken from you.
And about the Freedom we are so rapidly losing these days.

Nothing is more loving, powerful, brave, manly and generous then the call us, humanity, and all the living things have from God to live and grow!

But my point is not about religion.
Nor am I a big believer (just know how to talk about it :-)

My point is that what is happening is far grater, deeper and darker than even someone well informed about the current times can imagine.

And, unfortunately, that is about religion.
But in a negative way!

Please do not discard this point!

I am informing you of this just like you inform me.
I use the same process of analysis, reasoning and conclusion that you use.

Please, do not discard it!
We both have tested the bitterness of trying to wake up people we love just to be received with a blank stare, with disdain or be plain hated.

What we call the "elite" is more like a ... shared mindset, a spirit.
All these things moving in the same direction of control and destruction cannot be only man made...
I mean they are doing exactly what Nero, Hitler and Stalin have tried!!
And it's moving so fast in time and across the Earth...
It is practically impossible for people from across history and land to come up with such a coherent plan of destruction !!

I submit it to you that what is going on is about this: and see "In General About the Close of the Age"

Please do read it!
I am sending this with the exact same mindset of human care you ask the reader to share what you post.

One day it will be very clear.