Alfred Reed Bishop and Doris William Butler

The picture above is the very tap root of Bishop's Homegrown/Face Of The Earth Seed. My grandparents shortly after moving to Pekin Indiana from Greensburg KY in 1947 where they purchased the farm that is now Bishop's Homegrown. This picture was taken in Pekin in front of the old co-op next to the old railroad depot, neither of which exist today.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Partial 2011 seed repitoire:

A list; by no means complete, but these are crops we plan on producing seed from as well as commercial and home produce from.

Rhode Island White Cap
Rhode Island Couble White Cap
King Henry Improved
Amanda Palmer
Waxy Grex
Astronomy Domine Sweet Corn
Hickory Cane

Jack White
Phoenix Pink Mix
Yellow Orange Mix
Fairytale F1

Easter Everywhere
High Voltage Grex

Between the Sun and Moon


Dryland Acorn and Ornamental Edibles mixes
Butternut landraces

Millet Mix

Leaf Lettuce Mix (100 plus kinds)
Romaine Mix

Sorghum grain mix

New Mexico Strain Nicotiana Rustica
About 6 other Rustica Strains
Frog Eye Orinoco

Raddish Grex

Turnip 3 root grex

Edamame soybean landrace

Saucerful of Secrets Sunflowers

A mix of hybridized TPS from potato tubers from Tom Wagner a couple years back as well as fresh seed

A mix of 5 types sweet potatoes

Kale Various crosses from previous 3 years including Russo Siberian and European types

Collards; yellow cabbage collards

Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield and Large Drumhead Savoy, possibly winter type grex

Cucumber: long white slicing and Hip-Gnosis 5203 green slicing landrace

Mustard Greens: various crosses and seeds from friends

Spinach: Long Island Seed Mix

Of course this doesn't inlclude the many perrinials and hebs sent my way or already growing.

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