Alfred Reed Bishop and Doris William Butler

The picture above is the very tap root of Bishop's Homegrown/Face Of The Earth Seed. My grandparents shortly after moving to Pekin Indiana from Greensburg KY in 1947 where they purchased the farm that is now Bishop's Homegrown. This picture was taken in Pekin in front of the old co-op next to the old railroad depot, neither of which exist today.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates coming soon.

Just a general update really. The seed swap and Homegrown Goodness get together went off really well and despite the small turnout there were some excellent trades and friendships forged and I once again broke my own rule by aquiring new to me tomatoes from the excellen Maria of Blue Ribbon Tomatoes. At least they are all appalachian heirlooms with presumably some history in the Ohio Valley as well though. I wish we would have gotten more of the hardcore survivalist plant breeders out to the meeting but that can always happen at future get togethers. At the moment I believe there is one being planned for New York next year, which would be excellent given the awesome abundance of foodies, gardeners, farmers, and plant breeders in that region paired with the local agricultural history of the area!

I have been fighting a sinus infection all week which has caused me to look deeper into herbal cures and folk medicine, something I've known a little about (in terms of Ohio Valley Native American folk cures) most of my life. I'm anxious to learn more and to know more and am looking for excellent pharmocopeia books (want to donate?) and seeds for useful medicinal herbs of all types at the moment. Of course the blog here will like always follow my learning experience to a T!

I've also been building a "make do" blacksmith forge the past few weeks using almost exclusively found materials, due to the sinus infection I have not yet fired it up or taken photos or given the relevant information on the project yet, but it is something you can all look forward to in the coming weeks as I teach myself this valuable artform in preperation for the antique blacksmithing tools and supplies being passed on to me from my grandfather in the coming months.

Prior to the seed CSA begining distribution of seeds and the electronic cataloug I should mention that the blog site will get a much needed redisign utilizing the fantastic artwork that the amazing Mary Deem is creating for Face Of The Earth seed! Her artwork is next to none and her friendship is worth more than it's weight in gold, silver, and platinum! Along with this redisign this fall I will be interviewing the excellent and influential Joe Oconnel/Elephant Micah, who's music you should not only check out but you should support. I will also be reviewing Carol Deppes amazing new book and interviewing her as well.

For now it's off to attempt to get myself well and get caught up on all the millions of things that must be done including expanding the chicken flock, the rabbit herd, the seed supply, and more!

So many things to do in this lifetime and only a handful of time for it all!

Oh, also, if anyone wants to get me a subscription to Acres USA it would be worth a 50.00 subscription to the seed CSA to me and I would be greatly appreciative. Just make sure to e-mail me and let me know at and have it sent to:
Alan Bishop
5604 S. State Rd. 60
Pekin IN 47165

Thanks guys!



linda said...

Alan, its not really local to your region, but the late herbalist Michael Moore's web page has great resources including pharmacopias. He specialized in Southwestern native herbs but was fully knowledgeable in general. Here is the url to the site:

Bishops Homegrown said...

Thanks Linda, I'll definitely check it out my friend!